of Bajer

Our female - Seyolly

Seyolly of Bajer - HD/A

Born in April 2005

f. Cerasiello HD/C (f. CH Bayron X Arba HD/A)
m. Bella HD/A (f. CH Ablucker HD/B X CH rep. Atena)

Junior champion Luxembourg, Estonia , Interchampion, Multichampion, Champion of Champion Polonia 2008
Junior club winner, Club champion, Club Grandchampion, junior BIS, Migliore Giovany Mostra Speciale Italy Milano 2006
Intershow Modena 2006 - Migliore Giovany
Intershow Reggio Emilia 2006 - Migliore giovany
Raduno dell Anno Italy 2006 - Migliore female - ACS + BOB! - Champion dell Anno Italy 2006
Mostra Speciale Italy Messina 2006 - Migliore adult female ACS
World dog show 2006 second in champion class
Europa show 2006 second in junior class
Absolut TOP CC Czech republic 2006, 2007
18x BOB

One of the most titul female CC in the world.

Yolly was born in our kennel and she is the first cane corso in the World not born in Italy with the most prestigious title Champion dell Anno Italy! We are very proud owners and breeders!